Classic Air, Inc.
Certified - Class A Air Conditioning Contractor-License # CAC021300
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Classic Air, Inc. The Leading Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Mechanical Certified Company in South Florida
Construction department
  a. Hospital & Health Care
  b. Educational (Private & Higher Education)
System replacement
System design and engineering

Classic Air, Inc. is well experienced in bidding and installation plan spec, negotiated and/or retro-fit type of construction. Our mechanics are experienced in all phases and degrees of both new construction and replacement of existing systems. Our expertise is extended to commercial as well as residential construction. We evaluate and service your equipment so that your comfort requirements are met; we also perform any warranty service required. Our design department specializes in energy savings and computerizes heat load calculation to accurately determine the precise air conditioning tonnage to suit your individual requirements, which will help you with the following.
  a. Determine the adequate equipment.
  b. Purchase that equipment at the most reasonable cost.
  c. Effective equipment installation by our experts. 
  d. Service equipment adequately for your comfort.

Areas of Service
Palm Beaches